Muffin Gift Box!

Muffin Gift Box!


1- 3 X 3 X 5 inch Paper Milk Carton
1- 18 inch piece of Hemp Cord or String
2- 12 ½ inch piece of Printed Fabric Tape
1- 12 ½ inch piece of Clear Tape
2- 4 ½ X 3inch rectangle of Burlap
or other Fabric
1- 3 ½ X 2 ¾ piece of adhesive
Cardstock Paper
1- Cardstock Label
1- Mini Clothespin
Hole Puncher











1. Assemble the Paper Milk Carton according to instructions.
2. Place a small square piece of wax paper or liner in the box before adding your baked good, cookies, or granola.
3. Add your goods then seal the top of the Paper Milk Carton by removing the adhesive seal and pinching it closed
4. Using the Clear Tape, tape around the entire opening of the carton to insure it stays sealed
5. Next remove the adhesive covering on the back of the Cardstock Paper or use glue for ordi-nary paper, and place in on the front of the box
6. Using the 2 pieces of Printed Fabric Tape, tape around the box, 1 at the top of the Cardstock Paper and the second below, around the perimeter.
7. Lay the Burlap pieces across the top of the box and secure with the Mini Clothes Pin
8. Punch a hole in the Cardstock Label
9. Thread the piece of Hemp Cord through it and vertically tie it around the box with the label in the front of the box.

The front of the box and the label can be used to write greetings, messages or to identify the contents.
We chose to write the recipe for the muffin around the outside edges of the box and wrote the type of muffin on the front of the box. We used the label to identify who the box was being given to. Get Creative with colors, fabrics, textures and contents. It’s fun for adults and kids alike! 🙂

Download Instructions As A PDF

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